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12th of April, we’re ready for you!

Who else is excited for Monday to come around?! 12th of April, we’re ready for you! We’re so excited to finally be re opening once again, and hopefully this time staying open!! We can’t wait to let everyone back in and for you to see some little changes we’ve made to the shop


We’re very happy to be opening our doors again today at 9am-4pm! From now up until Christmas we are open 7 days a week to make sure you have all that time to get the perfect gifts this year. Sunday hours are 10am to 3pm We will look forward to seeing you once again ❤️


For 122 years, ourselves and our customers have faced challenges big and small, and have come through them by supporting each other. As events unfold, the whole team at Wetherells are working hard to deliver an excellent level of service to our beloved customers. We just wanted to let you know that these are. the …

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